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Navigating the Probate and Family Court system can be complicated and overwhelming at times. Cases involving complex family dynamics and child related issues are often stressful and emotional. Having an experienced family law attorney representing you or providing mediation services is crucial to not only protecting your rights, but understanding the process itself.


Whether you are filing initial divorce paperwork, a request to modify previous orders, or a contempt matter, Attorney Withers is available to assist you. She offers her clients individual attention and over 16 years of dedicated family law practice, with a particular focus on high-conflict cases involving domestic violence and custody issues. To complement her family law court practice, Attorney Withers is also a certified mediator, Category F Guardian ad Litem, and Discovery Master.


Withers Law Group is unique because it offers many different levels of representation depending on each client's unique personal and financial circumstances. Attorney Withers caters to each client's particular needs in a given case, whether that is simply reviewing court documents, providing a consultation for a flat fee, or representing an individual in a more traditional sense throughout the litigation process.


Attorney Withers practices Limited Assistance Representation, whereby clients can pay a flat fee to retain her services for a particular purpose, such as a court appearance, drafting paperwork, or negotiating with opposing counsel, without the traditional retainer model, which may be cost prohibitive or unnecessary given the circumstances. Whatever your situation calls for, Attorney Withers is available to discuss all of your options in a transparent and straightforward manner.



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